There seems to be a difference between SEO copywriting and just normal copywriting. Amiright?

Yes, that’s right. There’s general Copywriting and then there’s SEO copywriting which costs a premium because there is much more expertise, research and time involved in creating SEO friendly ‘copy’. But, lucky for you, I do offer a very competitive package price for SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting

This is where we deliberately weave ‘keywords’ into all of your content on the net so that Google looks upon your site more favourably and ‘bumps it up’ towards page 1 of google. Being on page 1 of the search results of Google is pretty much the holy grail of advertising.

The thing is that no-one can guarantee this, but there are certain ‘boxes’ you can tick to ensure you have the best chance.
This is what my SEO Copywriting package offers:
  1. An initial website analysis report. This report ‘scores’ a website according to 4 criteria, and out of a possible total score of 30 (except ‘security’ which is scored out of 10). The report shows where your website is lacking and then suggests ways to improve. 

  2. To improve the SEO score, we:
    – Undertake keyword research
    – Weave those keywords into your copy
    – check the meta descriptions are relevant
    – re-name all images and videos 
    – competitor research (see what they’re doing that you’re not)

Copywriting in general

This involves writing words for a promotional or marketing purpose. Say you want to include a short video clip of yourself, on your home page, to introduce yourself – but you just dont now what you’re supposed to say. A copywriter could write the video script for you! All you do is memorise and speak.

Good copywriting should also ensure the benefits of your product or service are compelling and clear and should address and resolve any reservations a reader might have about your product or service. Anything with words that has the purpose of making a viewer or reader take action and buy from you or get in touch or subscribe to your email list – uses Copywriting. Your website pages, brochures, emails to your subscribers, social media profiles like LinkedIn and Instagram and some blogs and feature articles.

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