Hmmm, this creative brief sounds like a high school test. What is it?

Don’t fret, the creative brief is designed to complete together and I’ve done quite a few of them now, so I’m here to offer suggestions and guide you through it.

Ultimately, its a document packed with juicy info about your project and business that I can later refer to when I’m working on your project. It ensures I stay on track and have all the information that I need so that I dont need to keep coming back to you with questions and clarifications.

The kinds of questions it asks are; name me a few of your competitors in the industry (I want to know this so I can research what they’re doing – that you’re not and to work out what your point of difference is compared to them). I’ll also ask you things like: who is your target market, ie, who are we writing to and do we want to attract? As well as the features and benefits of your product or service (we can nut these out together).