Can you tell me a bit more about the process?

Here’s a step-by-step break down of what will happen, from start to finish, when we work together:

  1. Initial chin-wag to discuss your needs – First things first, book in for an initial chat with me! We’ll meet for a tea/coffee/a long island iced tea (just kidding about the iced tea. I’m not an alcoholic). where we do the introductions and talk about your biz, your writing needs and any deadlines. This initial chat is FREE of charge;
  2. Quote – Now I know exactly what you need, I go away and quote up your project within 24 hours;
  3. Give me confirmation – If you’re happy with the quote, you just email me back with confirmation to ‘go ahead’ and I’ll send you a form to sign off on plus an invoice for the first 50% down payment.
  4. Creative brief – You book in for a second appointment with me, either by phone or face-to-face (or Skype). This second appointment is to complete the ‘creative brief’ together, which is just a series of questions I have about your business or service which I can then refer to when I’m working on your project. Don’t feel worried about answering these! I’m there to help you. (Please allow 60 mins for the creative brief appointment).
  5. First draft – After the creative brief is completed, and I know a bit more about your business/service I get to work on your project and send you a first draft by our agreed date (depending on your deadline);
  6. Revisions – I then allow for you to come back to me with suggested comments/additions/changes for up to 2 lots of variations.
  7. Finalise – I finalise the content and finish off your job;
  8. Final Tax invoice issued – I issue you with a final tax invoice which will be the remaining 50% of the total job quote.

You’re good to go babe!

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