I want to be on page one of Google, can you help me with that?

Writing copy that helps a site get found on Google is a different type of writing called – SEO Copywriting. While it’s not what the Quirky Copywriter wants to focus all our time and attention to, we do acknowledge its importance with writing for the web and therefore do offer a ‘mini SEO overhaul’ package to ensure that you’re ‘ticking all the right boxes’ to ensure Google and your website will be friends and therefore have greater chances of making it onto page 1 of the search results. We will mention though that it’s not possible for anyone to guarantee that they can get you onto page 1 of Google because Google is constantly changing its algorithm of what it likes. We do certainly know what Google favours and can ensure you’re meeting those expectations. You will pay extra to get this service but it’s well worth it if getting on page one of Google is important to you.

What if I just want you to write some blogs?

That’s totally fine too! Not everyone that comes to me wants to push a product or service (copywriting). Sometimes they just need to fill the empty pages of their ‘blog’ or write something thats just entertaining and engaging for their readers! You’ll find plenty examples of my published articles under my ‘portfolio’